About Us

We’re all about nutrition advancing life. Recognising the gut as an increasingly important influencer of health, we’re developing innovative applications of human’s first meal, branched fats to unlock better health for all.

Unlocking The Potential Of Branched Fats

Branched fats are an important fatty acid found in human vernix caseosa and breast milk. It plays an important function in the developing infant gut by supporting the developing immune system and seeding a healthy microbiota. At Adepa, our pipeline of products will bring the science of branched fats into everyday health and wellness.


We are developing a range of medical nutrition products based on science and inspired by nature. Our solutions are based on a deep understanding of infant development and nutritional requirements. For more information about our technology, products and pipeline please place a request.

Our Leadership

“Hi, we are Craig and Tom, co-founders of Adepa. We have come together on a mission to improve infant gut health through advanced nutrition.”