The Gut Health Revolution


Scientists continue to open up the secrets of the gut and its role in our bodies.

Here are some amazing facts about the gut microbiota.

The gut and the brain are in direct contact via the vagus nerve

On average there are around 1,000 species of microbiota in our gut

The gut is the body’s main supplier of serotonin
(the happy hormone)

The gut is made up of more bacterial cells than human cells in the intestines (around 100 trillion!)

The gut is continually exposed to entering invaders (pathogens) thereby a focus of the immune system

Sure, when the body needs nutrients, the body takes action. But scientists are still discovering the many other ways the gut controls our health. The gut is now thought of as the body’s second brain and plays an important role in your defence against invaders (your immune system) and more.

An unhealthy or out of balance gut is like an unbalanced car wheel.
The whole body is impacted with an unnecessary rough ride.

It’s not just the stomach and intestines that do all of the work either. The friendly bacterial helpers that reside in your gut are critical to its performance. Taking care of both the body’s own cells and the bacteria that live within the gut microbiome, helps ensure a solid foundation.

Gut Ecosystem

Gut Cells



Bacterial Helpers