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Vernx Daily Peribiotics Sachets

Adepa Daily Peribiotics is now available online. Each carton contains 30 sachets.

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“50% of adults suffer from gut problems”


World’s first peribiotic targeting gut cells and the microbiome

Gut health has primarily focused on just one part of the gut environment – the friendly bacteria (bugs) that live along the length of the digestive system. Peribiotics are a new class of supplements that focus on the entire foundation of the gut – the human gut cells (body) and the bacteria (bugs).

What People Think

“This has helped me greatly with my ongoing battles with IBS, Gastroparasis and many other gut problems that have been very stressful throughout my daily life.”
~ L. Connelly

I cannot thank you enough for creating this product. I have been thrilled to have found something that worked for me and that has given me hope of healing. “
~ Belinda

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to take it before seeing any effect?

Results are very individual but feedback we have from over 350 customers is that there is a noticeable difference within 3 days to a week. Maximum benefits after 2 weeks.

What are the ingredients contained in Daily Peribiotics?

Daily Peribiotics consist of 5 billion cells of Bacillus subtilis BG01-4™ and Maltodextrin. It is free from ingredients containing allergens such as milk, egg, nuts, gluten and soy.

If I take more of the product (say two doses a day) are there any side effects?

No. Completely safe.

What are Peribiotics and how are they different from Probiotics and Prebiotics?

Peribiotics (peri meaning ‘all encompassing’) are a new category of gut-health support that can simultaneously and positive affect gut cells in the digestive environment (microbiome). Specifically, Vernx PeribioticsTM are made with a proprietary spore-forming strain of the ‘good’ bacteria, Bacillus subtilis BG01-4™, that naturally contains branched fats.

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